The Industrial Revolution started somewhere around 1760. Exciting times where some handcrafted processes were automated. Improved chemical and iron production, water & steam powered machines, machines driven by electricity, ... Wonderful technological discoveries by using the available natural resources.

Today's technological rat race is no doubt just as exciting as it was a few hundred years ago. It is clear that the DRONE market has opened the door to a lot of new discoveries and will continue to challenge many creative minds in the years to come. Unfortunately several incidents already reach the media on a regular basis : smuggling contraband to prisons, serious security risks at airports and public places like football stadions, ...

It is our strong believe that our detection/mitigation technology and knowhow is able to make a major contribution in dealing with these new threats.


We are proud to work closely together with one of the industry's leading manufacturers in detection and management systems. Thanks to their endless research and global distribution network we are able to provide our local customers with the support and updates they need. In this fast changing market it is important to track all major developments.

Thanks to a clear and brilliantly engineered software platform we are able to work in a very fast and reliable way to continuously improve the detection database.


Dealing with a lot of high end technical products in often complex situations often leads to creative 'out of the box' solutions.

In depth product knowledge and experiences are shared within the team of developers and dealers worldwide. Acting locally but thinking globally is one of the key stones of our continuous development plan.

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