DS - 8 DRONE Detector

The latest generation DS-S 8 DRONE Detector® is a highly sensitive device developed for the detection of commercial- and recreational DRONES. Unwanted RPAS units can be detected at distances up to maximum 2 km's. Detection is possible thanks to a unique 'self-learning' detection algorithm and a multi-layer pattern of GPS, RF & WiFi.

The DS-8 DRONE Detector® comes standard equipped with the possibility to detect GPS, RF and WiFi. Depending on the evolution of the market other technologies will be possible in the future. The unit has been developed in such a way that new add-on modules can be fully integrated. This flexibility also enables further customization.

The detector is equipped with a number of standard alarm notifications. Other integrations within existing systems are possible thanks to the 'Custom Application Programming Interface' (API).

Detection - Software

The DS-8 DRONE Detector® is programmed with a unique 'self learning' software algorithm. Thanks to the use of multiple hardware technologies as well as the flexible design, faulty detections can be avoided.

To guarantee the unit's optimal working condition it is crucial to have the latest software installed. This can be either stand-alone or using a cloud-based solution. We always work to tailor a specific solution for each of our customers. 

By using our own web-interface the unit can be used independently from any operating system. Compatible with both PC, tablets or smartphones the graphical interface can be accessed from any desired location.