DroneFox gives you automated, effective & legal airspace security

With our proprietary algorithms, DroneFox creates an invisible dome of defense that’s both effective and legal. DroneFox gives the power of automatic detection, always updated threat identification, and safe, surgical, one-click mitigation (with appropriate authorization). Whether you’re securing a fixed building or need mobile protection, it’s now safer above with DroneFox.



DroneFox gives you the intelligence to rapidly detect drones in the airspace and differentiate between authorized & illegal drones by constantly analyzing multiple bands within the RF spectrum.


DroneFox gives you the power to quickly determine whether the detected drone is a threat by offering mission critical information, including drone forensic ID, flight time of drone, and more.


With DroneFox, you are in control. One click can land, reroute, or return the identified threat by taking operation of the drone & locking the original pilot out—without intruding or interfering with other signals in the airspace.