°  Shooting with conventional weapons
°  Trained birds of prey
°  Net guns

A DRONE can easily reach speeds of up to 80km/h. Even with long range detection, these means are not sufficient when faced with a serious threat. These techniques also require the presence of trained personal or specific materials at all times. What about attacks by multiple DRONES?

The mitigation of RF- and/or GPS signals are possible with the use of a Jammer. A strong RF pulse is sent in the direction of the DRONE as to disrupt its set course. Both the power output and desired frequency can be set modularly so the Jammer is able to disrupt a large part of the spectrum.

A short pulse of just a few seconds is often enough. This pulse is kept so short and ensures Wi-Fi or GSM signals from other devices are not interrupted.

Depending on the desired output power & frequency the unit can be mounted into a very compact and 'discrete' suitcase.



For the mitigation of unwanted DRONES we use the jamming technology. A strong RF-pulse interrupts the communication of the DRONE operator and/or GPS coordinates.